Welcome to Second Grade

second grade



Second grade is the special year we prepare for First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. To instill a sense of the sacred, we honor the Lord with daily prayers and hymns. We rejoice in the glory of creation in science, poetry, artistic endeavors and in our wide-world studies. We recognize Christ in each other and respect each other by practicing virtue in the classroom and at home.

A dynamic, engaging learning environment helps emergent readers increase fluency and comprehension through daily group and partner reading. Language comes alive in everything from the richness of “tame” sea chanteys, to rounds grammar games, poetry, stink-pinks, to ‘Metaphor Mania’ and to the Great Idiom Race. Especially exciting for the second graders is learning to write in cursive. The new EnVision Math program gives concrete understanding underlying the skills and makes use of games and visual constructs in which to practice those skills. Map studies and exploration of cultures as well as early civilizations are supported by the Core Knowledge curriculum. In science, second grade investigates cycles such as living things’ life cycles, and the seasonal and water cycles of the physical world. Art is essential to the wholeness of the human spirit and a love of beauty and the joy of producing it, and it is the spice mixed into religion, social studies, science, and journaling.