Panther Parents - HSA

Panther Parents - Home and School Association (HSA)

Panther Parents Mission Statement:

With Jesus Christ as our guide, our mission is to enhance the learning environment for students, faculty, and administration at St Paul’s Pauline Memorial Catholic School by raising funds and building community to support the goals of the school.

To fulfill this mission, Panther Parents works to:

1. Raise and expend funds to enhance and improve the educational quality of St. Paul Catholic School (SPCS), including, but not limited to, financial support to classroom teachers for training and educational needs, as well as for the purchase of books and materials.

2. Sponsor projects and events for the benefit of SPCS.

3. Strive to achieve a closer working relationship between teachers, parents and parish community.

4. Bring areas of concern to the School Advisory Board and/or the principal and administration.

5. Encourage a positive, supportive atmosphere to enhance students’ educational and extracurricular experiences.


The members of the Panther Parents are all families and staff members who are associated with SPCS.  The HSA Board represents the membership.  The board is composed of Panther Parent members who are either elected or appointed to board positions.  These board members manage the organizational and financial aspects of all functions.  Meetings are held on a monthly basis throughout the year.


Panther Parents

President: Michelle McWilliams


Secretary: Emily Hunter

Treasurer: Ludmer Akers & Lauren Moloney

Volunteer Coordinator: Lindsey Martin

Fundraising: Lori Gevry

Welcome Ambassador: Celeste Clennan

Room-Parent Coordinator: Carrie Kaveney



September 1, 2021



1. Ice Cream Social
2. Fall Festival
3. Jog - A - Thon/Color Dash
4. Lenten Soup Dinner