Welcome to Kindergarten




Academic success begins in kindergarten!

Our academics are based on Reading Street, enVision Math, and Scholastic programs. In kindergarten we focus on building our children into life-long learners.

In language arts, we focus on phonemic awareness and segmentation of those sounds in words. We introduce and learn high frequency words and use them in our daily center activities. Reading comprehension skills are a focus as well as identifying character, setting, and parts of a story. During the second semester, an Emergent Reader Program allows our students to check out books from our classroom library to practice their reading at home. Our writing program allows students to not only focus on how to write letters and words but to form proper sentences.

Our math program, enVision Math, is a planned and personalized curriculum providing for a deeper understanding of kindergarten math concepts.

Religion is the core of the day. In kindergarten we study the bible, learn prayers, offer intentions, and attend Mass. Part of our study is putting our Catholic faith into practice by living like Jesus; being kind, thoughtful, and selfless.

In science and social studies, Scholastic curriculum provides the foundation for educational achievement. This program challenges students to explore the wonderful world of learning through interactive activities and visual tutorials. This curriculum provides a systematic approach which presents the knowledge that is necessary to succeed in today’s world.

Every child has a chance to grow in faith and knowledge in kindergarten!

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