Distance Learner Expectations

Online/distance learning expectations of learners, parents, and teachers

Students taking distance learning classes will:

  1. Be on time for class and remain in class until dismissed by the teacher
  2. Have camera on at all times with learner sitting in front of the camera
  3. Mute microphone unless otherwise requested by the teacher
  4. Alert teacher to unforeseen technical complications that may have interrupted the lesson as soon as possible
  5. Minimize distractions: no movies, music, pets, noise, siblings, or snacks during the lesson
  6. Wear school uniform polo
  7. Use technology in an acceptable/appropriate manner as outlined in the Technology User Agreement
  8. Follow the Christian code of conduct and collaborate with peers using respectful language and behavior
  9. Use ‘chat’ space to answer questions posed by the teacher only (no random thoughts, no chat spamming)
  10. Remote learners will follow same behavior expectations as those in school.
  11. Maintain the actual Zoom or Google Meet background (no virtual backgrounds)
  12. Read communication from teachers in the Stream daily and weekly
  13. Learners are responsible for in class work and homework
  14. Turn in work on time
  15. All work will be turned in on the Google Platform
  16. Seek help when needed


Teachers teaching distance learning classes will:

  1. Post weekly overview in Google Classroom Stream by Monday morning at 7:30AM.
  2. Will have face to face instruction daily with all students.
  3. Will post the schedule to Google Classroom and stick to the times so all students can be involved in live instruction.
  4. Will create office hours for all students in the class.
  5. Include distance learners in direct instruction, classroom discussions, and small groups
  6. Post assignments in Google Classroom’s assignment section before the class meets
  7. Post materials that are necessary for class prior to the Google Meet
  8. Take attendance each time you sign on. Report to administration if there is an attendance issue.


Parents of distance learners will:

  1. Supervise the distance learner so that he/she is focused, undistracted, and engaged in class
  2. Be involved in the education process with your child and teacher.
  3. Respect the privacy of students that are attending in school
  4. Understand that this is not a normal year for anyone and respect that the teacher and students are doing the best they can in these uncertain times.