School Advisory Council (SAC)

                                                                           School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a group of representative school parents and parishioners serving as volunteer advisors to the principal and clergy of St. Pauls Catholic School (SPCS). SAC members are selected for three-year terms and meet monthly to discuss issues of importance to the school. The SAC members elaborate and communicate a school vision and mission that is developed in consultation with the pastor, principal, parents, faculty and staff. The SAC provides input and recommends policies to the pastor and principal that are consistent with diocesan policy. The SAC monitors and enhances the school's financial status and strengthens the school's public image through an informative and interactive communication plan. The SAC leads and carries out annual strategic planning initiatives for the school in the areas designated below. Please contact Christina Cairns at [email protected] for more information about the Strategic Plan and/or if you would like to volunteer to assist one of the subcommittees in implementing their goals.

Current SAC Members and their Subcommittees:

  • Celeste Clennan - Secretary
  • Kirk Munsch – Parish Council
  • Carrie Kaveney – Marketing
  • Gavin Stegmiller – Academic Committee
  • Adam Knapik – Safety & Facilities
  • Bobbie Collins – Catholic Culture
  • Lori Gevry – Panther Parents


Meeting Minutes