SCRIP Program


What is SCRIP?

St. Paul Catholic School began a SCRIP program in May 1998 as an alternative-funding source to increase income for SPCS.  All net income generated by this program will be used to help fund increases in teachers’ salaries and school program expenses. Income generated by preschool only families directly benefits preschool programs.

SCRIP is a term that means, “substitute for money”.  Scrip is a real and negotiable gift card/certificate to many stores in our community where you already spend money regularly.  These gift cards are the identical gift cards issued and guaranteed by a participating store.  We purchase gift cards at a discount, sometimes as high as 20%, and sell them to you at full value.  The discount is our profit.  With SCRIP you can buy anything you want, use coupons, buy sale items and even pay your Kohl’s charge bill with it.  There is no difference between SCRIP and money when you go shopping, except you use gift card(s) for that store. We stock gift cards to Lands’ End (our uniform supplier), King Soopers, Safeway, WalMart/SAMS Club, Target,, Tinseltown Theaters, Borders, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes, Chili’s, Burger King, Starbucks, Shell, Toys ‘R’ Us and so much more.


Where can you get the gift cards?

Gift cards are available for purchase daily at the SCRIP desk from 7:40-8:00AM and 3:00-3:30PM. SCRIP can also be purchased from the school office if needed in between these hours.


Who participates in SCRIP?

Every Preschool-Gr. 8 family is required to purchase SCRIP cards for the academic year. 

Participation in SCRIP is a requirement, just like paying tuition.


What is the SCRIP Commitment?

Each family is required to purchase gift cards totaling a minimum profit of $275.

If you elect, you may buy out of your SCRIP commitment with a onetime fee of $275. The buy-out fee is due at the time of registration or may be added to your TADS or paid in full invoice.


Introducing T.R.I.P.

T.R.I.P.  stands for Tuition Reduction Incentive Program. Once your SCRIP commitment is met 75% of the profit can be applied toward tuition for the following year.

As a way to say thank you for your commitment and support to Catholic Education, you will receive 75% of any profit accumulated over $275 that will be applied towards your next years' tuition with T.R.I.P. The school will retain the other 25%. If you are not enrolled at SPCS for the next academic year, your profit will NOT be refunded to you.

The profits you earn will be totaled following the end of the program year (May 31st). You will be notified in June of the profit applied to your next year tuition. If you have any delinquent account balances, the profit earned will be applied to those accounts before being applied to your tuition.


When does the program take place?

The SCRIP commitment year is June 1,  through May 31, .  You will receive scheduled updates on commitment status in October , January  & March , with your child’s report card. 


What if I don’t meet my $275 commitment?

If you elect to participate in the SCRIP program at the time of registration and have not purchased $50 in SCRIP profit by January 1, 2015 your TADS tuition account will be automatically adjusted for the $275 buyout fee in January 2015.  If you have been purchasing SCRIP throughout the year and fail to meet your commitment of $275 profit by May 31,  you will be billed the difference on June 1, . Payment is due upon receipt.

If you withdraw from the school, your SCRIP fee will be prorated and you will be billed for any amount owed.


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