Application Process & Policies

 Application Process and Policies

Thank you for your interest in St. Paul Catholic School.  We invite you to schedule a tour of our school.  You may also decide to have your child spend a day “shadowing” at our school so they may follow a student from his or her grade throughout a school day. 

Contact: Candy Bench at (719) 632-1846 for registration information and more information

A grade level assessment to all new students.  Please note that this is not an admissions test, but rather an assessment designed to provide our teachers with a gauge to support and improve a student’s learning.

St. Paul Catholic School does not discriminate based upon race, ethnicity, or physical handicap.  We open our doors to students of all faiths, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.

Application and Forms

Please Print all applicable forms and Submit them to the School Office

New Student Forms:

Preschool-PreK New Student Registration with Siblings K-8 

Preschool-PreK New Student Registration without siblings K-8

K-8 Procedure for Admission

Admission Support Documents for New Students K-8

K-8 New Student Registration

New Student Enrollment (required for every new student)

Registration Support Documents (1 set per child Preschool-8th grade)

Returning Student Forms:

Preschool - PreK Returning Student Regstration with Siblings K-8

Preschool - PreK Returning Student Registration without Sibling K-8

K-8 Returning Student Registration ( 1 per family)

Registration Support Documents (1 set per child Preschool-8th grade)


In addition to the forms above, the following materials are required: 

1. Sacramental Certificates: Baptism, First Reconciliation (for Catholics) and First Eucharist (for Catholics) 
2. Birth Certificate copy 
4. Certificate of Immunization (initial entry/update) 
5. Physical Examination (all Preschool, Pre-K and new students)


Need an extra form?

  1. K-8 Registration Procedure 
  2. Tuition Fee Schedule 
  3. SCRIP Program 
  4. New Student Enrollment  (one per student) 
  5. Tuition Contract/Terms of Tuition (one per family) 
  6. Family Registration (one per family) 
  7. Admission agreement (one per family)
  8. Parental Agreement (one per family)
  9. Family Directory and Email Permission (one per family)
  10. Activity Release (one per family)
  11. Media Information Release  (one per family) 
  12. Driver Information (one per family)
  13. Volunteer Wavier and Release  (one per family)   
  14. Volunteer Pledge (one per family)
  15. Technology Acceptable Use Policy (one per student)
  16. Student Health Information (one per student) 
  17. Student Physical Examination (one per student) 
  18. Confirmation of Parish Registration (one per family)