Welcome to Third Grade

Third Grade


Third GradeThe third grade at PMCS follows Core Knowledge curriculum in which all academic subjects are integrated so students make connections in their learning process. Language Arts consists of spelling, english, phonics, writing, research skills, dictionary skills, reading comprehension and vocabulary. These skills are practiced through the stories students read, group activities, written activities, and Daily Oral Language. Students write books and complete projects across the curricular areas to practice research and writing skills. In social studies class students learn about the three branches of government, regional history, world geography, the thirteen original colonies, the Roman Empire, and early exploration of North America. Third grade students take field trips around the community to help reinforce their classroom learning. Light and sound, the human body, health, our solar system, geology, animals and the environment are taught in science. They study about the Old Testament and become familiar with the stories and people in the Bible along with an in-depth analysis of the Apostles Creed by completing a writing project and memorizing the prayer. Students attend daily Mass and actively participate in the preparation of several Masses throughout the school year.


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