Welcome to Fifth Grade



TeacherFifth grade is dedicated to preparing students for middle school while learning to be more independent and responsible for their successful academic career.  Students have the opportunity to test important social skills through cooperation and communication with group projects and team building activities.  The language arts curriculum focuses on writing and improving skills by creating a variety of writing lessons such as research papers and writing poetry.  Fifth graders study different genre of novels including Secret Garden, Little Women, Tom Sawyer, Sherlock Holmes, and The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas.  Social studies focuses on the time prior to, during, and after the United States Civil War along with the Renaissance and the Reformation.  Major topics in science include classifying living things, cells, and matter.  The Math curriculum challenges students as they begin to multiply and divide fractions and decimals.

Our Catholic faith plays a significant role in everyday activities beginning with Mass each morning.  During religion class, fifth graders discuss Christ’s life as model for our lives, and students study and reflect upon the attitudes and responses of those called by Christ, particularly during Christ’s life on Earth. 


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