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Mr. SelkeEighth grade study of social studies focuses primarily on American History from Reconstruction though current times. Topics will include Reconstruction, Immigration and Urbanization, The Cold War as well as World War I and World War II. A major focus is on classroom discussion in order to relate historical events to students’ daily lives. In addition to lectures, quizzes and tests, students spend time in cooperative learning, power point presentations, debates, and research-based activities.

Seventh grade history is based on the Core Knowledge curriculum. Topics studied in 7th grade are World Wars I and II, The Great Depression, The Russian Revolution, Imperialism, and the Geography of the United States, Russia and Europe.  A variety of activities are used to engage the students. Activities range from group projects on the geography of an area to individual research projects that require a formally written paper, oral presentations or historical reenactments.
Sixth grade social studies incorporates as much of our Core Knowledge curriculum as possible, including World Deserts, Judaism and Christianity, The Enlightenment and French Revolution, Romanticism, and Industrialism. Students also complete a study of Feudalism and the role of the Medieval Church in Europe.


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